Soup Kitchens Details
Kudapadu, a fisher village close to Negambo. 500 Packs
Rice 50 kg - Araliya Kirk samba 5kg=1300x10 = 13,000, Chicken 40 kg - 1350x40= 54,000
Onion 30 kg- 350= 10,500, Daal 15 kg x 675= 10,125, Oil 5 le. = 6,800
Coconut 30x70= 2,100, Green Chili 2kg= 2,400, Chili flakes 1kg= 1,850
Chili powder 2 kg= 5,000, Tomato sauce 5 le= 5,000, Salt packets 2=400, Garlic 2 kg= 1,400, Turmeric powder 200 g=1,760, Know soup cube bar 2= 2,900, Tamarind 1kg = 1,000
Total = Rs. 118,235 ($0.65/pk) (Total $325)
St. Sebastian's Church - Moratuwa - Feeding 1,000 elderly
The project is undertaken by the Married young adults of the church
Rice - 260x150 = 39,000, Chicken - 1350x80 = 108,000, Potatoes - 275x100 =27,500
Dhal - 675x30 = 20,250, Papadam - 100x15 = 1,500, Green mangoes - 100x50 = 5,000
Eggs- 55x500 = 27,500, Onions - 200x 230 = 46,000, Total = Rs. 295,000/- ($0.81/pk) (Total $810.00)
Kattuwa, Negombo - 100 kids a nutritious breakfast 5 days/week
We are feeding children of low-income families who find much difficulty in providing breakfast for their children when they go to school every day.
Rs. 34,550/week ($95/wk)

Kunchukulam near Madhu Shrine, Mannar
0 kids from two schools a nutritious breakfast 5 days/week
Children of poor farmers in a very rural village. The unavailability of fertilizer and fuel to run agricultural machinery is causing a serious food crisis. We are providing a nutritious breakfast for their children when they go to school every day.
Rs. 67,480/week ($185/wk)

St. Anthony's Kollupitiya - 100 Packs/month
On Tuesdays they distribute 450 food packs to the needy. We pay for 25 of the packs weekly.

Nawalapitiya - 100 Rs. 5,000 vouchers for food
Nawalapitiya is a town in the Kandy District 38 km from Kandy. They were badly affected by the recent floods in addition to the economic crisis. We are distributing 100 vouchers valued at Rs. 5,000 each. These vouchers can only be used for food purchases.
Purchases of alcohol, tobacco, etc. are restricted.

Rs. 500,000 ($1,370)

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